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A Year of Darkness and Now the Dawn!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Bang the gongs, sound the trumpets, play a wailing guitar riff! We’re going to open soon! We had a couple of bumps in the road but all in the goal give you an even better experience than before- hey, you’re family and we so appreciate you sticking with us! Good god, what a ride it’s been (now that could be the understatement of the year).

We’re going to launch with the crazy Ed Palermo Big Band on Dec. 28 - and yes, the Ed Palermo Burger is still going strong… along with some awesome menu upgrades, artisan cocktails, and some surprises, like our New Years Eve party! As far as our new menu, we want your input- so you’ll find the survey at and you’ll be rewarded with a cocktail on us! If you’re going to chow down here while listening to the tunes, it should be the kind of food you love!

You’ll see familiar faces on the stage as well as new talent and legends; we’ll continue to innovate with fresh programming that you can’t see anywhere else. I remember the times when Steve Miller, Keith Richards and Paul McCartney would jump on that famous Les Paul stage and those once in a lifetime moments will continue- after all Iridium makes history nightly and we love to see so many regulars (hello Iridium Cartel) and new converts to The House That Les Built! It’s always struck me how many people have made new friends here and Iridium’s intimacy which allows our customers to rub shoulders with that night’s acts along with assorted legends and colorful characters. And we still have “Mona Feldman” our club mascot to welcome you at the door.

As far as Iridium’s commitment to live music, we were part of the team to insure that shuttered venues would remain open with our involvement with The National Independent Association (our very own Grace Blake sits on the board!).

We’re looking forward to welcoming you and as excited as you to open our doors!



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