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The Iridium's Grand Reopening March 1st!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Hello Friend!

It has been a while since we last saw each other, and after a couple years & a few Covid hiccups along the way, we are officially set to launch the grand reopening of the Iridium, March 1st! Believe us when we say we could not be more thrilled to get the highest quality of live music back on that stage, while serving delicious food and drinks. With that said, we took this Covid break to really enhance your experience as we move back into a post-pandemic world, including an upgrade in the air filtration system, a renovation of the room, and a brand new menu. Your safety and the safety of our staff remains our top concern, as well as remaining one of the greatest sounding music nightclubs, featuring top-quality talent in New York City.

A major change during this Covid break is the Iridium is under new management, now handled by Lessing’s Hospitality, who is committed to making the Iridium better than ever. Here's a fun fact about our new management: "The Lessings organization has been around for over 100 years, and founder Maxwell Lessing was the first New York restaurateur to buy the Coca-Cola syrup and serve Coke to his customers!" You can now use that tidbit at your next cocktail party to win friends and influence people... and it's completely free of charge!

Speaking of Lessing's, they have put together a fresh menu featuring both new items and past favorites! Are you craving a “Jerry Garcia Burger”? Well, now we have that Jerry Garcia Burger you're looking for, man.” Is a New York Strip more your speed? We have that too! Salads? "Yep!" Even if you're in the mood for just finger foods, we have those Chicken Tenders and Coconut Shrimp appetizers you love so much. When you have a moment, head on over to our MENU page and check out our gallery featuring the new menu items available.

Since your feedback means so much to us, we would like to offer a free drink ticket for participating in our SURVEY, which will help craft future menu items.

And now the music...

The Iridium has always been about the music, and we will continue to bring you top-quality acts! We always considered ourselves as a venue for a “musician’s musician”, and our intimate setting and incredible sound system is what made the Iridium so special and unique from all other venues. It’s why Paul Simon came down to watch his drummer Steve Gadd take command of the room in 2019, or when Keith Richards watched his guitarist Waddy Wachtel and Immediate Family bring down the house to a standing ovation with the disco ball in full motion. It was magic then and it will be magic again!

Just as we left off, we are returning with incredible artists such as Mike Stern, Larry Carlton, Stanley Jordan, The Wailers, Steve Forbert, and legendary Rock N’ Roll Hall of Famer, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter” (just to name a few)

When you have a moment, check out these "Now and Then" performances of Skunk, Mike and Larry! It is just a subtle reminder of their greatness!

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter on slide guitar during this legendary 1978 What's Happening!! performance of "Black Water". It was not only a great performance, but it was also an extremely educational episode, one which taught us a very important lesson on why you should never bootleg a concert with a $10 tape recorder.

We also learned that "No Roger, No Rerun" means "No Rent."

That was then...

And this is now... Skunk performing the Steely Dan classic

"Rikki Don't Lose That Number" at NAMM (2016).

Mike Stern jamming live with Miles Davis in 1985! That was then...

And this is Mike jamming in 2019 with Dennis Chambers, Tom Kennedy and Randy Brecker on "Big Neighborhood" with a tasty nod to

Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone From The Sun" at 5:08!

All you have to do is listen to Larry Carlton's solo on the Steely Dan classic "Kid Charlemagne" and then you'll know... oh you'll know!

This is what it will be like watching Larry Carlton performing "Kid Charlemagne" while noshing on your chicken fingers. Pretty tasty, all around.

In March, the Iridium will be launching a new music showcase called "Iridium Underground", highlighting some of the best underground talent in the tri-state area! Do you think you have what it takes to perform at the Home of Les Paul? If you do, then submit your information here and if you qualify, we will contact you with a future date!

(Please note, we cannot accept submissions from any artist/band with the name “Snickerdoodle” at this time. We will explain at a later date, but for now, no "Snickerdoodle" or any variation of Snickerdoodle ("Dickersnoodle", "Shnoodle, Toy Poodle", etc) …. Come to think about it, no bands named "Free Beer" either! If you named your band “Free Beer”, please change it before hitting the submit button. That name is silly and you need to stop it immediately!)

And lastly, in March we will also be starting our own cocktail programs to showcase and turn you on to various amazing craft spirits, including Bourbons, Gins, and Cachacas! In other words, drink tickets will be coming your way to give them a try, so stay tuned!

Since you made it this far, check out our secret landing page featuring $10 off selected shows. Tickets are limited and new discounted shows will always be in rotation. Let's now end this blog entry by saying "We are so looking forward to seeing you soon!"

Love and Kisses,

The Iridium

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