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Sesame Street Brainwashed A Generation Into Psychedelia!

Warning: If you were born between 1962-1978, there's a good chance your soul was psychedelicized early on in your childhood years.

Evidence points to this 1969 Sesame Street clip that helped children learn to count to 10. Seems pretty innocent, but there is something much more sinister here in order to brainwash a generation of kids into being "groovy". After being fed bowls of Honeycombs and plopped in front of the television on a massive sugar high, kids across America were bouncing off the walls in their footie-pajamas to this segment called "Jazzy-Spies", which included free jazz, Yellow Submarine-style surrealistic animation, and vocals by Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane! And then your family wondered why you went on tour with the Grateful Dead... (yes, you do want to click on that link!)


"Slick got involved through her first husband, Jerry Slick, who produced the segments for San Francisco-based animation studio Imagination, Inc. Headed by animator Jeff Hale, the company also produced the Pinball segments, as well as the famous anamorphic Typewriter Guy, The Ringmaster, and the Detective Man. (Hale, by the way, has a cameo as Augie “Ben” Doggie in the well-loved Lucas parody Hardware Wars.) He passed away last month at 92.

The delirious music was composed and performed by Columbia jazz artist Denny Zeitlin, who would go on to score the 1979 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Zeitlin plays both piano and clavinet; accompanying him is Bobby Natanson on drums and Mel Graves on bass. According to Zeitlin, Grace Slick overdubbed her vocals later.

This wasn’t Slick’s first encounter with Jim Henson. In 1968, she and other members of Jefferson Airplane were part of a counterculture documentary called Youth ’68, the trailer for which you can groove on here." - Dangerous Minds (2015). #funfacts #musichistory #graceslick #jeffersonairplane

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