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Total Mass Retain



October 25, 2024

About the Artist


Joe Cass, Drums & Vocals

"Little Joey," as referred to by members of YES, such as the late Chris Squire and Alan White, is a lifelong YES fan and attended his first concert/YES show on the TALK Tour in 1994. At 7 years old, Joey met the band and has since been on a fantastic journey, attending YES concerts on every tour and making friendships with many band members.

Joey is recognized as one of the most passionate YES and Alan White fans in the world. He brings Alan's fierce, energetic, and powerful performance style to life to the extent that Alan referred to Joey as his "grasshopper."

In addition, Joey exudes the technical prowess and complex finesse of the legendary original YES drummer, Dr. Bill Bruford, making Joey one of the most recognized YES tribute drummers in the world.

On top of driving the rhythm for TMR, Joey sings Squire and Howe harmonies, respectively, throughout, as well as Trevor Rabin's lead vocal parts.

"I have been in love with playing YES music since I started on pots, pans, and pillows while watching live YES videos as a young child. “

Terry Dey, Lead Vocals

Terry Dey began performing publicly at the age of 19. Although he was schooled in classical piano earlier in life, his passion turned to singing from almost the very beginning. "I remember hearing an awful lot of incredible bands at that age—bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Kiss. But I was also exposed to other more progressive bands like ELP, Rush, and, of course, YES. When I heard YES, my life changed."

"YES seemed to be telling a beautiful story in their songs—stories of higher learning, of harmony, of the Universe. It was a very spiritual message, and I gravitated towards that. The purity of the vocals was mesmerizing to me, and I did my best to learn those songs as they were released."

Primarily a classic rock singer later in life, Terry was offered the chance to sing again in the YES tribute band Total Mass Retain and jumped at the opportunity. "It was the dream of a lifetime, and I've never looked back”.

John Rittweger, Keyboards

John began studying classical piano at the age of 7. Since then, his life has been immersed in music. Throughout high school, he performed with local bands, and then earned his BA and MA in Music Education from Montclair State University.

After College, John found himself performing in many different bands. He was hired as a recording session musician for the first 10 years of his career. You may have seen John on one of his regular weekly appearances for over 10 years on the show ‘Sound Waves’ with host guitarist-extraordinaire’ Steve Chirco. The show featured John’s & Steve’s collaboration in writing and production of original music, as well as John’s vast knowledge of different genres and styles of music.

John has worked with Annie Haslam (Renaissance), Dennis Ray (Sam Cooke show), the Crests (“Sixteen Candles”), the Drifters (“Under the Boardwalk”) and Tim Houser from Manhattan Transfer. Area performances include The Bottom Line, PNC Bank Arts Center, Club Bene’, Central Park, Keswick Theatre and performed with acts such as the Romantics and Blackfoot.

John has a collection of vintage keyboards, including a Mini Moog Model D, Prophet 600, Yamaha DX 7, Fender Rhodes and a Hammond Organ.

John is co-founder and co-owner of Platinum Band Music.

Johnny Bruhns, Guitar/Vocals

Johnny was born and raised in Philadelphia. His family was quite musical. He got serious about music at the age of 16, studying piano and music theory and soon picked up the guitar. Johnny was essentially self-taught, but after moving to California in June of ’77, he also attended Beginning Classical Guitar at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. Johnny befriended a guitar professor there and quickly learned a lot about theory and technique.

After many years directing church music groups, Johnny found himself a sought-after tribute musician. It was during that time he came upon the idea of doing a Tribute to Yes. He joined San Diego based Yes Tribute “Roundabout” and recruited Yes’ current lead singer, Jon Davison. Together, they played regularly at The House of Blues, theaters, and major casinos in Southern California, earning praise from Yes fans and even Yes members alike.

Having caught the attention of Yes’ management, Johnny was called to fill in for Steve Howe when Yes were rehearsing for the “In The Present” tour. And that was just the beginning! Soon after, Johnny was recruited by Yes’ current bassist Billy Sherwood to join him and Yes original Keyboardist, Tony Kaye on the YOSO Elements World Tour. After the YOSO tours, Johnny joined Billy and Tony in their Yes offshoot band, Circa: and recorded with them on their third studio album “And So On”. He was also chosen by Chris Squire to play guitars when Chris was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at Bass Player Live in 2012.

Johnny is a long-time friend of TMR’s beloved drummer, Joe Cass, and the two appeared on the Yes 50th Anniversary Tribute album along with current Yes keyboardist, Geoff Downes on “Machine Messiah”, which Geoff originally recorded.

Johnny brings an authenticity to the style and sound of Yes’ guitarists beginning with Steve Howe.

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