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Eric Darius



August 24, 2024

About the Artist


With a trademark jump and crowd-captivating energy throughout his live show, Eric Darius is breaking the mold of modern jazz.

The Billboard chart topping, American saxophonist, songwriter, producer, and performer shines in a vibrant new light as he reinvents himself through ‘Unleashed’, an expansive and ambitious genre-spanning album brimming with passion and purpose, soul and sweat, charisma and charm.

“It's called Unleashed because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone on this project and truly unleash my full musical potential in a live studio setting,” Eric shares. “This album is an honest reflection of myself and my growth both musically and personally over the past several years, and it really takes the listeners on a musical journey from start to finish! This album feels like it’s the first time I’ve truly expressed myself in every single way in a musical sense and I’m unleashed like never before.

Unleashed is a long time coming for Eric Darius, and without a doubt his proudest work to date. He credits part of that achievement to the creative freedom he’s gained as an independent artist; Unleashed is Eric’s second album released through his own label SagiDarius Music, following 2018’s Breakin’ Thru.

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