January 3, 2022

About the Artist


PAKT is Percy Jones (whose discography has long been a part of my listening, from Brian Eno to Brand X and more), yours truly (the A), diverse drummer @kennygrohowski (who plays with everyone from John Zorn to modern metal band Imperial Triumphant) and multifaceted guitarist @timmotzer whose frequent collaborators include Ursula Rucker and Kurt Rosenwinkle).

When we play together it is non-categorizable, although one could probably apply terms like jazz-rock, ambient, experimental etc. It is entirely in the moment. The closest thing I've done to this was a project called Attention Deficit (with @michaelmanring), although that pure studio, never live. Fans of AD will love PAKT, which can be seen live, and in fact, is all live, all the time.

Our first full length recording, a double disc, is selections from our debut performance at @shapeshifterlab in BK, coming soon (via MoonJune Records, also the concert presenter) and our first road concerts are coming up - see end of video for venues and dates. These will be my first shows of the post-vax era (many more planned, with multiple artists, so stoked). Additional dates likely to follow soon.

Looking forward to getting out there again and creating on the spot with such stellar players. If you're in PA or the NY State region in July, come take the journey with us. 🚀🎸