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Anthony Krizan



September 23, 2023

About the Artist


One of the premier songwriters and producers in the New York metropolitan area, Anthony Krizan first rose to fame in 1994 as lead guitarist for the commercially successful jamband Spin Doctors. He co-wrote the band’s third album, including “You’ve Gotta Believe In Something,” the theme song for Michael J. Fox’s hit TV show “Spin City.” Five of Krizan’s songs made the Spin Doctors’ greatest hits collection including Miss America for Howard Stern's book release under the same title. Anthony followed up on his initial success with two major songs, first the Lenny Kravitz classic “Stand By My Woman,” from Mama Said (Virgin Records), which was also selected for Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits (Virgin) and second, the title track for John Waite’s When You Were Mine (Pure Records), which is on Waite’s greatest hits album, as well.

The years to follow included a long list of song writing credits on numerous artists albums, movie sound tracks and television show themes. Currently Anthony co-wrote “Dust and Bone” for Gretchen Wilson’s Right On Time, which was also recorded by Blues Rock legend Pat Travers & also picked for the second track on Universal Country Artist Tim Hicks album, which opened at #1 on the Sound Scan Country album charts. Krizan's latest work, "Not Another Love Song" is a single on Australian Idol winner Paulini’s Universal Records album. To add to this Anthony received the ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney Award for “Home Don’t Feel Like Home,” which he co-wrote with Cheryl DaVeiga to help returning war veterans and wrote two songs for Ian Mellencamp's debut album.

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