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Eliza Neals



March 16, 2024

About the Artist


“She funked me up. She’s not trying, she’s doing.”  Buddy Guy 2022
“A voice I soon won’t forget, Great” Mick Jagger, Mustique Blues Festival 2021
Eliza Neals is a highly talented blues-rock singer who has earned recognition for her soulful vocals and captivating performances. SiriusXM has embraced Eliza Neals songwriting, arrangements, and production, with sixteen songs in heavy rotation since 2015 to 35+ million subscribers. Eliza plays piano plus organ, often accompanying her amazing band across stages and large music festivals worldwide.
Neals has brought fresh and contemporary energy to the blues genre, infusing it with rock, soul, and a hard-hitting Detroit sound. Considered by many to be “the last Motown trained singer" by the late songwriting legend Barrett Strong Jr., along with her opera degree from Wayne State University, let the Blues choose her. Her dynamic stage presence and powerful voice have contributed to revitalizing traditional blues music, attracting a wider younger audience and garnering attention from listeners who may not typically gravitate towards the genre.

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