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Nattali Rize



June 7, 2023

About the Artist


stepping through! Don’t miss this! With her highly regarded, show stopping band
from Jamaica & New album on the Horizon, the
tour is set to be a Frequency Shift
like no other.
album is inspired by the unrelenting and vital self work that our global family are
doing for themselves and by doing so, for their wider community. We are all connected and
starting to truly overstand that the Outer Revolution can only be as powerful and
potent as the
Inner Evolution...This is the Frequency Shift we are here to assist, expedite, embody & connect
to our fans with.”
Nattali Rize
The Rize live experience is world renowned, with new songs and new insights to share expect a
high energy, evoluti
onary live show with a whole lot of fyah!
True to her passion for creating a total experience in one night for her audiences, the Nattali Rize
live show will also feature
opening set from the epically talented
direct from Jamaica,
and full of fy
ah, bringing you some of the most impeccable vocal artistry and modern day
conscious reggae
, hip hop & dancehall
“You can’t quantify the electric feeling we all get when we share in the live music experience,
from the stage to the dance floor, no
borders in between us, we have a moment to unify,
harmonize and celebrate life on the wings of Music without exterior interference. Music is truly the
Healer and a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, a modern
day ceremony to remember...we are
One People.”
Nattali Rize
“Nattali is a bright light in the world with a vision that extends beyond the stage.”
Michael Franti (Spearhead)
“One of the nation’s most refreshing voices”
Rolling Stone
“They Present as an Army on a mission!”
Deb Kloeden

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