Mrs. Smith


April 1st 2020

About the Artist

"In performance, Mrs. Smith is a tornado of id" (Rolling Stone)

Noted philanthropist, cat lover, and world's most unlikely guitar hero, Mrs. Smith comes to The Iridium for an encounter with shred guitar extravagance, fully bonkers comedic storytelling, and Lady-of-a-Certain-Age pathos. Don't miss the pioneering performer described as, "Paul Gilbert except it's your grandma!", "Equal parts virtuoso and absolute maniac!" and "Ridiculous and bizarrely funny!" (Vogue)

With a show that is part high octane rock concert and part stand-up tragedy routine, Mrs Smith and her band will sonically delve into the traumatic life events that have made her the guitar virtuoso she is today. From her Little House on the Prairie-style childhood to her kidnapping at the hands of a Norwegian Death Metal band, Mrs. Smith will leave no stone unturned and no note unplayed.

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